Water Your Inner Blossoms

Do you have a precious flower inside you, waiting to blossom? I am sure you do! Do you water it regularly? Do you lovingly nourish it with care and praise? Do you acknowledge that IT IS GOOD; therefore, YOU ARE GOOD?

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You are YOU, and you are GOOD, even when you occasionally make mistakes – everybody does! We have learned how to deal with feelings of failure and guilt that often follow mistakes at our last Lasting Joy Club get-together. Watch these videos:

As you see, it is a three-step procedure:

  1. First, you acknowledge your mistake by spreading your arms wide bending your head a little, and saying Blunder! in as childish and funny way as you can.
  2. Second, you bring your arms forward, hug yourself and affirm that you are good by saying I am good!
  3. Third, correct your mistake, if at all possible, or make up for it by making a strong, forceful lunge forward with an open palm of your working hand, saying Let’s do it!

Practice at home, privately, with no one watching you, not even yourself in the mirror. Once you’ve practice enough, your body memory will generate the feeling of confidence, rather than feelings of failure and guilt, next time you make a Blunder!

Together with practicing the Blunder! technique, we are making delicious Secret Mango Flower pies. Full recipe is coming up soon on https://koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com.

While our delicious pies are cooling their hills in refrigerator, the final part of our get-together, as always, is dedicated to discussion and homework.

You homework for June, Beautiful People is to think of something positive you would like to do. Share it with us on the last Tuesday of June, and who knows? – perhaps you’ll even have a chance to do it!

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We thank all 26 Lasting Joy Club members who participated by remote access – twenty six! We are growing!

Please feel free to connect with me by e-mail drdolly_lastingjoy@yahoo.com, or by Skype drdolly613.

Remember: Happiness is a choice – choose to be happy today!


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I am a semi-retired educator. I love to cook and I love to write. I am trying to combine these two for no other purpose but to share some of my old favorite recipes, as well as some new inventions, and to exchange food ideas and opinions. Kosher food is just like any other food - fun to create and fun to experiment with, especially if you get kids involved! My book is found on amazon.com/author/koolkosherkitchen.

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