Almost 20 years ago my husband and I founded a private school for children with special needs. Up until my retirement, I was its Academic Director. Since most parents of our students needed support, an important part of our program consisted of monthly parenting classes. In my work with parents, I have relied heavily on Rabbi Pliskin’s books Gateway to Happiness, Anger!, and Life Is Now, as well as some material from his other books. We also had a funded out-of-school program that covered after-school hours, occasional weekends, vacations, and summer camp. That program grew to include several outreach sites. When I retired, the out-of-school program was transferred to our largest site, Chabad Chayil, and has continued growing. It is on the base of this program that I we have started the Lasting Joy club which initially encompasses parents of the out-of school program participants, but most certainly will welcome anyone and everyone who desires to learn and practice techniques of achieving the state of happiness.
Even though I am retired, I still teach a college course in Educational Psychology and for several years had an advice column Ask Dr Dolly in Autism Wellness magazine. I have also published and presented papers at national and international conferences.
Lasting Joy club meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 PM. It is the only Happiness Club in the world that provides free remote access, with sign-in requisites announced before every meeting.
For further information, please e-mail Dr Dolly Aizenman drdolly_lastingjoy@yahoo.com.