Practice Makes Happy

How much time are you willing to spend every day to practice being happy? Yes, Beautiful People, learning to shift emotional gears to a joyful state will not happen just because we want to get there.


You can only learn walking by practicing walking, step by baby step. You can only learn swimming by practicing swimming – in water, not on dry land! And you can only learn being happy by practicing happiness habits. Here is Rabbi Dr Pliskin with the shortest lecture you have ever heard in your life (today’s word prompt is LECTURE

Next Lasting Joy club get-together is on Tuesday, February 27. 

Instructions for joining us by remote access will be provided soon.

As we share and practice Love, Joy, Courage, Serenity, and the Nine Happiness Habits, we’ll be making chocolaty delicious treats! 



The Magic of Love

Something magical happened today! As I came to work, I found a lady responsible for coordinating class schedules and assignments being exceedingly overwhelmed with all kinds of issues that converged, as challenging issues are wont to do, suddenly and at the most inopportune time. Normally calm and controlled, she was almost tearing hair off her neatly coiffed head. Even though Dr Pliskin recommends to practice Serenity Chant in the morning, I decided right there and then to try it with her. I had her repeat after me: Love, Joy, Courage, Serenity.  I asked her to focus her eyes in the proscribed manner (for detailed instructions, please click here), and – MAGIC!


No, I didn’t manage to conjure up an instant solution to her predicament (today’s word prompt is CONJURE By shifting emotional gears, she was able to regain her usual highly efficient and extremely intelligent identity, and the pesky schedules magically snapped and clicked, and assumed their appropriate slots.

It works, Beautiful People! It may seem silly, if not crazy, to engage in this little exercise every morning, but it works like magic! To show you that there is nothing crazy – or everything crazy! – about love, I am leaving you tonight with Dr Love himself, Dr Leo Buscaglia.

The next Lasting Joy club get-together is on Tuesday, February 27. 

While sharing and learning, we’ll be making something chocolatey delicious!

You don’t want to miss this!

Instructions for remote access are coming up soon. See you there, Beautiful People!

Upgrade Your Identity Mnemonic

I got news for you, Beautiful People: you have the right to feel frustrated, annoyed, hot and bothered. You have a full right to feel upset, angry, even steaming mad! So you cry, you scream, you get your blood pressure up and your heart racing, and you use every word in your vocabulary (not all of them acceptable in polite company). Now what?


Get yourself under control, keep your emotions bottled up, at the same time screaming inside and getting your blood pressure even higher? Meanwhile, your brain is overloaded with negativity, preventing you from approaching the issue at hand rationally and resolving it to your satisfaction.  Now is the time to switch emotional gears! Granted, it’s not easy to do, so Zelig Pliskin gives us The Four Finger Button Technique and The Serenity Chant. Here is a link to his podcast.

In his book, Life Is Now, Pliskin also recommends “repeating this identity-creating affirmation: Right now I see myself as a person who is joyful, courageous, kind, and serene. This is how I am and how I wish to be. Even though I won’t always be in these states, the times that I am will strengthen my identity as being joyful, courageous, kind, and serene” (Chapter 60, p. 200).

Before I give you the MNEMONIC for Serenity Chant (today’s word prompt is MNEMONIC, I hope you spend some time listening to Rabbi Dr Zelig Pliskin explaining practical techniques for achieving peace of mind.

THE SERENITY CHANT consists of four words: Love, Joy, Courage, Serenity. Easy to remember: Lasting Joy Club Site.  Repeat this nine-step exercise every morning:

  1. Focus your eyes on your upper left. Chant the four words.
  2. Focus your eyes ahead of you, but higher. Chant the four words.
  3. Focus your eyes on your upper right. Chant the four words.
  4. Look to your left. Chant the four words.
  5. Look straight ahead. Chant the four words.
  6. Look to your right. Chant the four words.
  7. Look to your left, but lower down. Chant the four words.
  8. Look straight ahead, but lower down. Chant the four words.
  9. Look to your right, but lower down. Chant the four words.


Have a joyful, loving, courageous, and serene day!

Next Lasting Joy club meeting is on Tuesday, February 27.

Remote access instructions coming up soon. Stay tuned!



Token of Appreciation

I am honored and overwhelmed by being one of the three “chosen people” to receive this distinction. Thank you, dear Patty, for your kindness!

Read on, Beautiful People!


The Token of Humanity, brought to you by Humanity Lives On and Dreampack, is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of what an act of humanity could carry not only towards the life of another but your own as well.

It is in dedication to bring knowledge that by surfacing compassion, spreading kindness and caring for what surrounds one’s environment is what acts as breath for your soul to live on in this world.

Without souls, we are just a mind that gets busy over-thinking about a lot of ongoing relating to oneself, a body that on parallel terms goes by what our instincts asks us to and a heart that beats in silence.

Bring our Soul Back to Life

Every week, we will pass on this Token of Humanity to those who, no matter their circumstances, contribute to reviving Humanity.

With utmost appreciation the next three Beautiful Souls we selected:

  1. Deborah – Temenos of the Blessing Light
  2. David – David Snape & Friends
  3. Dolly – Kool Kosher Kitchen

We ask you kindly to help us spread Humanity by passing on this token to the beautiful souls across the blogosphere.

As a kind gesture, you could also pass this token of appreciation to anyone around your life, as we all unite in humanity, to create an enlightenment, awareness on how much of a fulfillment, satisfaction and true joy an act of humanity can bring unto your soul. It will be a great uplift to honor those going through tough times, as a reminder that humanity lives on and kindness can create wonders.

Let us come together, be part of the movement there is and conquer the world with Humanity. The world is in need of more of it. No beautiful soul should feel alone and our children ought to grow up towards a future where the atmosphere they may surround themselves with is filled with immense compassion, love and care.

Kindly we request all our readers: share this post and/or inform us you participated in passing on this Token of Humanity. Use on other social media platforms the hashtag campaign of #youarenotalone #humanityliveson and we will be looking into doing giveaways of printed humanity tees to as many as we can.

We hope the cycle continues and humanity be spread from then on.

Humanity Lives On – Your are Not Alone * Dreampack ~ where Beautiful  Souls thrive

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Wake Up!

How do you wake up? Do you tend to keep hitting the snooze button until it hits you back with resounding YOU ARE LATE AGAIN shrill? Do you crawl to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror with one eye barely open, and the other one tightly shut, still trying to catch that elusive beautiful dream? Do you recognize the grumpy stranger looking back at you? Is that first coffee in the morning a magic elixir that returns you to life?


Shift gears – deliberately change your tendency. Set your inner alarm clock for joyful feelings in the morning! Fall asleep recalling and reliving times when you felt calm and relaxed.  Engage sensory memories: what did you see, hear, smell, feel, taste? Share them with others; by sharing joyful experiences, you are activating joyful emotions.  You can always share by comments or by writing to me privately at


I confess that I taste chocolate, and I promise you that at our February Lasting Joy club  meeting we’ll be making awesome chocolate treats you’ve never seen before!


So let’s stop this Good mood/Bad mood needle right now, Beautiful People! I present to you a brand new alarm clock that shows only one time:


The time for happiness is now!

Choose to be happy today! 

Today’s word prompt is TEND

Bewildered? Switch Gears!

Years ago, I watched an interview with Maya Angelou, one of my all-time favorite people – stunningly beautiful, immensely talented, unbelievably courageous, simply amazing woman, fighter, poetess, and larger-than-life personality. Maya Angelou was known as a gracious hostess who would welcome hordes of people to her house. She was asked whether she had, at any time, encountered an unpleasant guest, or someone she disliked, and how she dealt with such a person. She said (I can’t quote verbatim, but this is the gist of it), –“I can’t abide negativity in people. If I meet a negative person, I feel as if hair is being pulled from my head. I try not to come too close to them and walk away quickly, even if they are guests in my house.”

Maya Angelou’s sage advice is to realize that life throws things to us which we cannot control. As Zelig Pliskin once said, “Facts just are.” It is our choice not to be affected by those events in a negative way.


If you are confused and bewildered – we all are sometimes, you are not alone! – Zelig Pliskin suggests this easy exercise:

“Now in your inner mind, tell yourself, ‘Every time I begin to worry, I will immediately think of something to be grateful for.’ Repeat this enough times until you feel that your inner mind will automatically go into gratitude mode as soon as it’s aware that it’s in worry mode.”

Bewildered? Switch gears, Beautiful People! Do your homework: recall and relive a joyful experience when you felt calm and relaxed. Are you grateful to have had this experience?

The next Lasting Joy club meeting is on Tuesday, February 27th, and we are working on offering remote access to all of you who want to join in. More details will be provided soon.


Choose to be happy today!

Today’s word prompt is BEWILDERED

Appreciate What You Have!

Are you doing your homework, Beautiful People? Are you actively concentrating on recalling and reliving the experience when you felt calm and relaxed? Are those details coming back to you now?

Our next Lasting Joy club meeting is on Tuesday, February 27th, and we will have remote access, so you could enroll and join us no matter where you are – it’s free! (today’s word prompt is ENROLL Detailed information is coming up as we get closer to that date. Meanwhile, feel free to share your experience in comments or by e-mail

Yes, I know, Bob Marley did it first, yet I can’t help but smile when I hear Bobby McFerrin’s rendition. Did it make you smile, Beautiful People?

Remember: happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy today!