A Bit Bizarre

If you were wondering, Beautiful People, what happened to our last Tuesday of August get-together, King Arthur has an answer for you, or, rather, the incomparable Sir Richard Burton playing the lead in Camelot.

Yes, I know “it sounds a bit bizarre,” but to accommodate some Lasting Joy club members, we have made “summer linger till September.” I hope it does not inconvenience the rest of you, Beautiful People!

August Sept flyer.jpg

As you see, we are still meeting on my home ground, South Beach. A great big THANK YOU goes to Batya Galloni Brud for designing our flyers and sharing them on social media! Requisits for remote access will be posted closer to the event, as usual.

Meanwhile, I received quite a few comments about last month theme “First Love Yourself.” Isn’t it not only “a bit bizarre,” but also quite a bit egocentric? One of the most used and misused Shakespeare quotes is To thine own self be true.  However, as it often happens, this is not the end of the sentence! Here is a bit of wisdom Polonius imparts to Hamlet in Act 1 of the tragedy:

Be true.jpg

It follows, then, that first we have to learn to be mindful of our own qualities and explore our own hearts and souls. As a talented poet and a dear blogo-friend Chuck remarked,

If you know yourself

You will know the truth you need

and know it’s enough

You can enjoy Chuck’s poetry at    https://poetscornerblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/06/haiku-if-you-know-yourself/.

Next Tuesday, we will practice mindful exploration of ourselves, starting with this checklist:

Just be you

You’ll be surprised how many of these you possess! And if you think you don’t – not yet, mind you! – here is another bit of wisdom from yet another wonderful blogger, or rather a team called Lemonade Pink:

To sweeten the new beginning, and to bring us into the spirit of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, we will be making Deconstructed Honey Cakes (list of ingredients will be posted closer to the event).

Are you doing your homework, Beautiful People? Remember to recall times when you were joyful and allow those feelings of “Inner Joy” to flow from your head to your toes.

You can always reach me at drdolly_lastingjoy@yahoo.com and by Skype at drdolly613.

Remember: happiness is a choice – choose to be happy today!

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I am a semi-retired educator. I love to cook and I love to write. I am trying to combine these two for no other purpose but to share some of my old favorite recipes, as well as some new inventions, and to exchange food ideas and opinions. Kosher food is just like any other food - fun to create and fun to experiment with, especially if you get kids involved! My book is found on amazon.com/author/koolkosherkitchen.

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