Upgrade Your Identity Mnemonic

I got news for you, Beautiful People: you have the right to feel frustrated, annoyed, hot and bothered. You have a full right to feel upset, angry, even steaming mad! So you cry, you scream, you get your blood pressure up and your heart racing, and you use every word in your vocabulary (not all of them acceptable in polite company). Now what?


Get yourself under control, keep your emotions bottled up, at the same time screaming inside and getting your blood pressure even higher? Meanwhile, your brain is overloaded with negativity, preventing you from approaching the issue at hand rationally and resolving it to your satisfaction.  Now is the time to switch emotional gears! Granted, it’s not easy to do, so Zelig Pliskin gives us The Four Finger Button Technique and The Serenity Chant. Here is a link to his podcast.


In his book, Life Is Now, Pliskin also recommends “repeating this identity-creating affirmation: Right now I see myself as a person who is joyful, courageous, kind, and serene. This is how I am and how I wish to be. Even though I won’t always be in these states, the times that I am will strengthen my identity as being joyful, courageous, kind, and serene” (Chapter 60, p. 200).

Before I give you the MNEMONIC for Serenity Chant (today’s word prompt is MNEMONIC https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/mnemonic/), I hope you spend some time listening to Rabbi Dr Zelig Pliskin explaining practical techniques for achieving peace of mind.

THE SERENITY CHANT consists of four words: Love, Joy, Courage, Serenity. Easy to remember: Lasting Joy Club Site.  Repeat this nine-step exercise every morning:

  1. Focus your eyes on your upper left. Chant the four words.
  2. Focus your eyes ahead of you, but higher. Chant the four words.
  3. Focus your eyes on your upper right. Chant the four words.
  4. Look to your left. Chant the four words.
  5. Look straight ahead. Chant the four words.
  6. Look to your right. Chant the four words.
  7. Look to your left, but lower down. Chant the four words.
  8. Look straight ahead, but lower down. Chant the four words.
  9. Look to your right, but lower down. Chant the four words.


Have a joyful, loving, courageous, and serene day!

Next Lasting Joy club meeting is on Tuesday, February 27.

Remote access instructions coming up soon. Stay tuned!




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